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Battle Red Construction LLC is your local Cypress TX roofing company. Whether you need a new roof, your roof is leaking, or you need help filing an insurance claim, Battle Red Construction has over 15 years of industry experience to walk you through the entire process.


Most people will only have to replace their roof once in their lifetime. The most important part of your house is your roof, it protects the rest of your house. It is very important to choose an experienced roofing contractor to protect your entire house and your family.


Here in the greater Cypress area we all know about the extreme humidity and the long hot summers. Our shingles and roof vents take a beating. The shingles themselves are in a constant state of expansion and contraction in which causes an accelerated deterioration of your shingles and vents. You need a Cypress roofer that can locate these common problems that occur with your shingles and vents. Battle Red Construction is a Cypress TX roofing company that you can count on to get the job done right!


Being professional, approachable and polite is exactly what you will receive! Battle Red Construction is a Cypress roofing contractor that will deliver the highest quality materials and workmanship.


Cypress Texas's Top BBB A+ Rated Roofing and Insurance Restoration Company


Battle Red Construction strives for excellect craftsmanship but just as important excellent customer service!   That's why the Better Business Bureau has us A+ rated with no history of complaints.   We can only achieve this status by treating each and every customer like family.   If the job is not done right then the job isn't done!    Contact today us for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION with photo report or a FREE estimate.

Our Services

At Battle Red, we understand that your roof is the most important feature of your home. Our professional installers are certified and trained to effectively and efficiently install a new leak free roof.   We offer a seven year leak guarantee on all labor. This is why Battle Red Construction strives to offer exceptional service and gives a long lasting, beautiful roof.


We handle all kinds of jobs. Our professional sales associates will sit down with you to describe, discuss and help you choose the best materials for your roof.


We will commit to exceeding your expectations.

Full Roof Replacement


All customers will receive Battle Red Superior Roof System on every job!

Roof Repairs


You can repair your vents with the "Band-aid" way or you do it the Battle Red way -- The Right Way!   We can handle leaks around your chimney, vents, and missing shingles.

Seamless Gutters


5" and 6" aluminum gutters are beautiful while adding needed protection for your siding and foundation.

Drywall / Paint Services


Every drywall texture, every paint job, done right every time!

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Choosing a Roofer / Contractor

Make sure your Cypress contractor has these...


Are they really local? Most contractors will say that they are local because they are currently standing at your house. If you look at their website and they state that they have multiple offices in multiple states that might mean that they chase storms and do not conduct all of their business in the Houston area. Being local equals accountability with accessibility.


Does your contractor have a place of business?  Make sure your contractor does not work out of their car/truck/apartment/house.   They could be here today but gone tomorrow!


Ask to get a copy of their insurance policy. All contractors should carry general liability insurance on every job performed. Do they in Texas? Not always. When working at dangerous heights you should be protected as the consumer so that you will not be sued if an accident occurs. You should be given a copy of the insurance declaration page for your records.


Is your contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau? All reputable contractors will be an have an Accredited Business seal from the Better Business Bureau. Check out our BBB rating here.


Does your contractor ask for money upfront to purchase the shingles? NEVER give a contractor anything before the work is done. This will stop a contractor from taking your money and moving to the next town leaving you high and dry. If your contractor is truly local they will have setup a credit account with the local supply house. They can then purchase the materials for the job without costing them a dime.


Does you contractor have a superintendent at every job? There should always be a superintendent at every job throughout the entire process. It is very easy for shingle installers to not install proper flashing and utilize leak prevention techniques before installing the shingles.


Did your contractor discuss leak prevention techniques with you? Most contractors will give you an estimate and say that they will take care of you. But, how do you know that? A contractor should discuss with you the extra care that needs to be done around pipe jacks, roof vents, and flashing around a chimney. These are the most common causes for problems on a roof. The shingles themselves are rarely the cause of a leak.


Our Work

How do I submit an insurance claim?

What damage is covered by insurance? All damages created by high winds, hail stones, tornadoes, hurricanes are all covered damages. Most people never know they have storm damage to their home until they start to have leaks or an Insurance expert like Battle Red inspects their roof. Most damage cannot be seen from the ground. A quality inspection needs to be done on the roof up close. We do not advise any homeowner to get on there own roof because it is dangerous.


If I submit a claim, will my rate go up? Most likely not. Homeowners' insurance does not work in the same manner as health and auto insurance. In an auto claim ... if you are a bad driver, you submit more claims, therefore your rate goes up. Understandable. Health Insurance ... the more illnesses you have the higher your rate. However, in a homeowners' claim, the cause is not from the policy holders error but is caused by random acts of mother nature in which you are not responsible for these damages. Your rate probably won't go up. We strongly advise calling your insurance agent if you are concerned.


How does my claim work?

  • You will call your insurance company and submit your information. It will usually take 5 minutes.
  • Usually within 48 hours, a claims adjuster from your insurance company will call you to set an appointment for inspection of your home.
  • It is a great idea to call Battle Red Construction to assist the adjuster at the inspection to make sure that the adjuster documents and doesn't miss all covered damages allowed under your policy.
  • The adjuster will then create an estimate and send you an ACV payment check. ACV stands for actual cash value. This means that the insurance company has paid you for the value of your damaged items as they sit currently on your home. They have been depreciated and the insurance company still owes you that withheld depreciation.
  • It is a good idea to talk to your Battle Red representative at this time to discuss your claim and the repair process.
  • Repairs will then be completed by Battle Red Construction.
  • We will then send your insurance company a completion invoice for the repairs performed.
  • You will then receive your "withheld depreciation" check. Most insurance companies offer an "RCV" policy. RCV stands for Replacement Cost Value, which is the actual cost for today's prices to replace damaged items on your home.
  • Actual Cash Value + Deductible + Withheld depreciation = Replacement Cost Value
  • Example: $4000 (First Check) + $3000 (Deductible) + $3000 (withheld depreciation - 2nd Check) = $10,000 (Total Cost of Roof Charged by the Contractor)


How do I submit a claim? We have an extensive list with most of the insurance providers in the Houston area and their contact numbers to their claims center. Submitting a claim usually takes less than 5 minutes. We can help you do this at your home.



Click on a company below to learn how to submit your claim!

Battle Red Construction is a family owned and family runned company located in Cypress, a north-west suburb of Houston. We service all of the great city of Houston and its surrounding communities. There is no job too big or too small that we can't handle. We do not storm chase like most other roofing companies and that is why we can offer exceptional service and knowledge on every job.

We will commit to exceeding your expectations.


Certainteed Master Shingle Installer

  • Rated #1 by Homebuilders and Remodelers
  • Energy Star Certified Shingle.
  • Green Circle Certified Shingle.


GAF / ELK Certified Installer

  • Certfied Installer for largest North American shingle distributor.
  • 2013 Brand Leader Award from Builder Magazine.


Industry Experience

  • Battle Red has over 15 years of homeowners insurance adjusting experience.
  • Has handled over 10,000 insurance claims.
  • Has received extensive insurance training from several of the major insurance carriers.
  • Knows exactly where the most common problems occur in roofs and how to prevent them.

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At Battle Red Construction we strive to put the customer first by treating every customer like they are family.   We only use the best supplies from the best manufacturers while offering high quality craftsmanship on every job.  Each job will receive meticulous oversight to ensure a great job every time.


Whether you receive the complete roof system or a minor repair Battle Red Construction strives to do a great job every time.

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